The IO Ventures Pty Ltd company (hereafter «Interpreter IO» , «we» , «us» , to «us» or «our» ), provides an online platform which connects organisations (hereafter «Client» ) and consumers  of interpretation services (hereafter «Services» ) and interpreters (hereafter «Interpreter» ) using the website www.interpreter.io (hereafter the WebSite ) and the associated mobile applications (hereafter App).

Using the Site, you agree to observe and be bound by these terms and conditions (hereafter «terms and conditions»), regardless of that you are registered user of WebSite or not. These terms and conditions regulate your access and use of the WebSite and all content (hereafter «Content» ), and are legally binding agreement between you and the Interpreter IO company. Please, read these Terms and conditions and our Privacy policy which can be found at the address: www.interpreter.io/privacy-policy and which is inseparable part of these Terms and conditions by means of the link.

You confirm and agree that getting access to or using the WebSite or loading or placing any Content from the WebSite or on the WebSite, you thereby declare that you have read, understood and agree to observe these Terms and conditions, regardless you are registered or not. If you don't agree with these Terms and conditions, you have no right to get access to or use the WebSite, App or Content.

If you accept or agree with these Terms and conditions on behalf of the company or other legal entity, you thereby declare and guarantee that you are entitled to bind such company or other legal entity with these Terms and conditions, and in that case the words "you" and "your" will refer to such company or other legal entity.

Key terms

"Interpreter IO" - the IO Ventures Pty Ltd company, information about which is provided on the page: www.interpreter.io

. «WebSite» is an online platform for Interpretation Management Software services

«App» is an application especially downloaded or used on a mobile device.

«Content» means text, graphic elements, images, information and other materials, which the Interpreter IO company provides through the Site, including any Content received under license from third party, as well as Content transferred to the Interpreter IO company and published on the Website by Interpreters and Clients.

«Client» means registered user who places the order for Interpreter Management Software services through the WebSite.

«Interpreter» means registered user who directly renders Interpretation services.

How the Website and App work

The WebSite and App can be used for ordering, managing and conducting interpretation services.

User’s behaviour

You acknowledge and agree that you bear full responsibility for observance of any and all laws, terms, resolutions and tax obligations which can be applied to you for use of the WebSite.

Property right

You confirm and agree that the WebSite and the Content, including all related intellectual property rights, are in a sole property of the Interpreter IO company.

Excludes liability for consequential loss

The Client shall indemnify Interpreter IO on demand against any direct loss (including consequential loss) which Client sustains or incurs arising during and/or as a result of the performance or non-performance of this Contract.  

Limit of any liability

The limit to any liability is the fees payable for that service period.


We have the right to allow at our exclusive discretion to the registered users to place, load, publish, send or transfer the Content. Providing the Content on the Site, through the Site, you provide to the Interpreter IO company with worldwide, irrevocable, termless, non-exclusive, subjected to transfer and not subjected to royalty payment license with the right to sublicense, use, look through, copy, adapt, modify, extend, license, sell, transfer, expose on public display, carry out publicly, transfer, broadcast, get access, look through and otherwise to operate the Content on or through the WebSite. The Interpreter IO company doesn't assert any property rights of such Content, and none of these Terms and conditions provisions will limit the rights which you can have for use and operation with any of such Content.

You confirm and agree that you bear individual responsibility for all Content which you provide through the WebSite. You declare that:

  • you are the only and exclusive owner of all Content, which you provide on the WebSite, or you have all rights, licenses, consent and refusal of the rights which are required, to give the Interpreter IO company the right to use such Content as it is considered by these Terms and conditions

Right of use

The Website is intended to be used exclusively by persons who have reached 18 years. Access or WebSite use by any person who hasn't reached 18 years is strictly forbidden. Getting access or using the WebSite you declare and guarantee that your age is not under 18.


The regulating legislation and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions have to be interpreted according to laws of the State of Victoria. We agree to submit to personal jurisdiction of court of the State of Victoria on any trials for which the parties keep the right to achieve application of interim measures of prohibitive character or other judicial remedies by the right of justice in appropriate judicial instance with the purpose to prevent existing or potential violations, illegal assignment or violation of copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, patents or other intellectual property rights of one of the parties.

General provisions

Not executing of any right or provision of these Terms and conditions by the Interpreter IO company doesn't mean it refuses to execute this right or provision in future. Refusal from any such right or provision will be valid only in case of its registration in written form and signing by authorized representative of the Interpreter IO company. Except for the cases which have been directly specified in these Terms and conditions, application of any protection means according to these Terms and conditions by any of the parties will be made without harm to other available protection means according to these Terms and conditions or otherwise. If, for any reason, the arbitrator or the court of competent jurisdiction decides that some of provisions of these Terms and conditions are invalid or deprived of validity, such provision will be applied in the most admissible degree, and other provisions of these Terms and conditions will continue in full force.


The Interpreter IO company reserves the right, at the exclusive discretion, from time to time and without prior notice to make changes on the WebSite or make changes to these terms and conditions. If we make changes to these Terms and conditions, we are bound to publish changes on the WebSite or provide you with the notice of modification. We also will update "Date of document last update" stated below these Terms and conditions. Until changes are published, such changes aren't applicable to accepted Terms and conditions for order placement by the Client and/or Ad publication by the Interpreter. Continuing to use the WebSite after we have made changes to the WebSite, these Terms and conditions and provided you with the notice of modification, you thereby declare that you agree to observe these Terms and conditions with changes made.

How to contact Interpreter IO company

If you have questions on these Terms and conditions, apply to the Interpreter IO company at the address specified in the section of the WebSite "About the Company" at www.interpreter.io


Date of document last update: 12 December, 2018