Interpreter Credential Management

Providing quality, qualified interpreters to assignments is critical to provide a high quality interpreter service. This involves matching the requirements of the booking requests to the available interpreter(s). 

The obvious credentials relate to the qualifications of the interpreter and their language proficiency.

However, many organizations need more than that. They need a specific credential associated with their type of work.

For example, credentials are different across State Courts.

Security agencies require security checks such as local police checks, national security organization such as a FBI records check, or even a deeper background check for higher level security.

Hospitals may need evidence of vaccination. There are many more.


Interpreter IO provides a built in credential management capability that is then used in the booking process.

You can have an unlimited number of interpreters in the system. Each client can have their own credential requirements. Each interpreter has their own credentials. The system provides the single source of documentation supporting the credentials and includes the ability to put expiry dates on credentials.