Simple interpreter booking and management system for Interpreter Agencies

Why do you need Interpreter.io?

Interpreter Booking Software

Agencies choose to use interpreter.io for a variety of reasons. Some translation companies receive requests for interpreting services. Where there is a small number of requests an ad-hoc, manual process can be sufficient to manage the interpreters and the clients. However, as volume increases these manual processes are insufficient to manage the full end to end process of interpreter management. Any organisation who are managing more than five interpreter assignments a day, can benefit from the comprehensive capabilities of this system.

Interpreting agencies who are using a lot of different software systems for the management of interpreter bookings can also benefit. Existing language service companies who switch to Interpreter.io can benefit from massive improvements in efficiencies, accuracy and improved client service.

The interpreter booking process starts with having the right interpreters available for the booking. Your interpreters and their associated credentials are loaded into the system and validated.

When you have your interpreters, then clients or your team can enter booking requests. 

There is a flexible process flow for the management of interpreter assignments. Many agencies prefer to hand select their interpreters for assignments. The interpreter booking system in the Interpreter IO platform allows the invitation of interpreters based on their credentials and other factors.

The messaging system ensures that the interpreters can respond to your requests easily; either through text message, email or on their own version of the Interpreter IO portal.