Looking for an alternative to BoostLingo?

We are often told by clients who switch to Interpreter IO, that they were unaware that there were alternatives to Boostlingo. Interpreter IO is the leading alternative to Boostlingo with comprehensive features offered through our cloud-based SAAS platfrom.

alternatives to boostlingo

Reasons why people are seeking other options to Boostlingo

Price: Potential clients are looking at cost effective options and want the most competitive pricing. By considering other options to Boostlingo, you may find that the Interpreter IO total cost of ownership is a better fit for your budget.

Features: The Boostlingo software may not necessarily offer the best or most comprehensive set of features. By considering  Interpreter IO, you may see that the features set of Interpreter IO better meets the needs of your business and the needs of your clients.

You can change the system: A major reason that clients love Interpreter IO is that they do not need to wait on the software company to make changes to the system. In most cases, Interpreter IO licencees can update the system themselves. It is simple and their clients love the responsiveness.

Scalability: If your business is small or medium-sized, the software solution offered by Boostlingo may be more expensive or complex than what you need. Alternatively, you may find that a Interpreter IO is better able to tailor our solution to your specific needs.

Usability: The biggest player in an industry may not always offer the most user-friendly or intuitive software solution. By considering other options, you may be able to find a software solution that is easier to use and learn.

Customer support: If you are looking for the best or most responsive customer support, then you should consider Interpreter IO. Interpreter IO provides personalized and efficient support that helps you service your client more effectively.

Reporting: Interpreter IO provides an advanced reporting platform that makes it easy to meet the demands of your clients.

Why choose Interpreter IO as an alternative 

Interpreter IO is a comprehensive interpreter management system that is an alternative to Boostlingo. Interpreter IO has over the phone interpreting (OPI), video remote interpreting (VRI) and onsite interpreting capabilities. OPI are available as both ondemand and pre-scheduled. 

This means that you have a complete software solution.The system was built to include all of these features, whereas other companies are trying to integrated between systems that we built separately.

Talk to us today and see why clients switch to Interpreter IO.