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Phone Interpreter and Interpreting Service

Phone Interpreter

At, we have some of the most comprehensive choices of telephone interpreting available today. Our account holders have access to some of the latest cloud-based telephone and video interpreting services out there.  Accounts are available to businesses, government and not for profit organizations.  

Click-to-call Telephone Interpreters Services

Our interpreting platform provides click-to-call access to:

  • video interpreting 
  • telephone interpreting

Account holders can also schedule in-person (face to face/onsite) interpreter sessions. Our clients now have the option to schedule interpreters online through the system, or call or email us and we will enter the booking details.

Many of our clients are choosing to use this platform because the benefits are:

  • Single platform to book face to face interpreting sessions (with continued phone support where required)
  • Ability to have immediate access interpreting for meetings and other appointments
  • Easy to use and notification of scheduled interpreter is faster than emailing
  • Aggregated view across of all face to face interpreting sessions as well as immediate access sessions
  • Potential savings due to volume discounts based on understanding of total spend across your organization

Telephone Interpreting from Landlines

We offer telephone interpreters for account holders and non account holders. Account holders have the advantage of having the immediate click to call option from their smartphone app, desktop/laptop computer, iPad or Android tablet  and landline phone. 

For non-account holders, we can book a telephone interpreting session for you at a scheduled time. Telephone interpreting is an interpreting service that is provided when two or more parties are in different locations from each other. Using a phone service, an interpreter interprets a language from one side to the target language of the other side, and vice versa.

In telephone interpreting, an interpreter must be very faithful and very accurate in what the speaker is saying. But prior to that, an interpreter must be very professional, not having affected emotionally and psychologically by the speakers that can affect the interpretation.

Telephone Interpretation for Call Centers

Our state of the art, cloud based interpreting solution is easily integrated into your existing call center operations.  You can easily connect your customer service representatives with interpreters while you still have your clients on the phone.


Translationz offers a quality and very accurate phone interpreting service. We have professional and certified interpreters that are perfect to any kind of environment of the interpreting service assignment. Our interpreters are trained to be very accurate, and they can deliver a faithful and honest interpretation. They are specialized to provide the best of the interpreting service.

Interpreters with a technical specialization can help you achieve more effective communication.

Technical Specialties

Interpreting can be done in many environments with different specializations.

Interpreter Environments

Are you looking for a job as an interpreter? We only hire the best interpreters.

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