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Rent Interpreter Equipment

Are you looking to rent interpreter equipment?

We have the latest interpreter equipment available. We refresh our equipment every year and already bought new equipment in 2017. 

We support large conferences, business meetings, trade shows and tour groups.  We work directly with clients, however we are only specialists in the translation and interpreter solutions.

Small group interpreting equipment are also available and ready to use.

For advanced interpreting equipment, we also provide setup services.

Interpreting Equipment for small groups to large conferences available.

  • Conference
  • Meetings
  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Tour Guide System
  • Conference Microphones
  • Interpreter Booths
The image below shows a typical set up at a business roadshow.  You will see the booth on the right side.  Typically, there are two interpreters inside the sound proof booth.  On the left side is the AV team. We will work with your AV team.  Because we work with many AV companies across the country, we can also recommend a good AV company in many locations.
Interpretation Sound Proof booths with Translators inside
Booth Hire

Please call us at 1-888-998-8840 for further inquiries.

Interpreters with a technical specialization can help you achieve more effective communication.

Technical Specialties

Interpreting can be done in many environments with different specializations.

Interpreter Environments

Are you looking for a job as an interpreter? We only hire the best interpreters.

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